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  • Twins Baby - Pur Milksafe Breast Pump With Vacuum Pump Set

Twins Baby - Pur Milksafe Breast Pump With Vacuum Pump Set ( B )

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Consists all the products for complete breast milk feeding plan
5 easy steps pump, vacuum, store, thaw, & feed
PUR MilkSafe aims to provide mothers with an effective, comfortable, and safe system for breast milk pumping, vacuuming, storing, and feeding. PUR MilkSafe offers a system of feeding mothers breast milk. Now you can feed your baby the freshest pumped breast milk by following the 5 easy steps: pump, vacuum, store, thaw, and feed.

For pumping your breast milk, a manual pump is offered. It is not like other conventional manual breast pumps in the market. It has a one-way airflow technology that keeps the teat clean, or free from bacteria. It also has other unique that provide comfort for mothers, and safety. The pumped milk can be usually stored in the refrigerator (for about 6 days), or freezer (for a period of 6 months), in any breast milk storage container, like bags or bottles. However, by storing milk in traditional methods, it has been observed that the air on top of the milk, in their respective container, can ruin the taste, and nutrients, of the milk. This can disinterest the baby to drink. So, along with the manual breast pump, PUR MilkSafe offers a vacuum pump that takes out the air from the top of the milk, in the container to be stored. This is called de-oxidation. The process of de-oxidation allows milk to stay fresher, which means tastier, and healthier milk for your little one, even after long periods storing (normal storing guidelines: 6 hrs. in room temp, 6 days in the refrigerator, and 6 months in the freezer).

The container that milk is stored in is a special type of PUR MilkSafe container, with a seal on top that keeps the condition of the air, inside the container, remain at its kept state (if vacuumed, no more air can get in). The container allows vacuuming (needed during vacuuming step) and keeps the vacuumed milk airtight. After storing, milk is fed in PUR MilkSafe feeding system that uses a special type of nipple, called pro flow nipple, which has an air valve at the base that allows the air to travel from the outside to the inside, creating a smooth/unrestricted flow of liquid, thereby preventing colic, gas, burping, and spit-up of baby, and nipple collapse.

Consists of:
1x breast pump
1x vacuum pump
2x storage bottles
1x storage cap
1x cap
1x hood
1x pro flo nipple

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